Tamil wood turning company

Tamil torneria del legno

producing your ideas since 1924

Our company was founded in 1924 and specializes in wood turning. We produce millions of excellent components for various sectors. We do it with the passion of the craftsman and the experience of those who have a century of history behind them. The production of our items takes place 100% in Italy, in a green valley in the province of Lecco, between Milan and Lake Como.


Vincenzo Milani founder of Tamil wood turning business

Vincenzo Milani began working as a wood turner in a small artisan workshop.


The second generation invested in semi-automatic equipment and systems and began to diversify the production of wooden components.


The third generation carried out a bold industrialization process by investing in automation and staff training. The headquarters was moved to a larger warehouse and the company acquired national and international customers in new markets.


To further diversify the offer and make the most of the experience accumulated, the company combined the production on behalf of third parties with that of wooden toys by launching milaniwood® brand. The production cycle was then complete: conception, design, prototyping, play testing, production, assembly and sale.


The company grew and moved to a new production site of approximately 6,500 sqm, with cutting-edge systems. The fourth generation took charge and proceeded according to the same spirit of resourcefulness and innovation.

100% Made in Italy Toys and Objects

T.a.m.i.l. creates, produces and distributes a catalog of 100% Made in Italy toys and objects with milaniwood brand. Our wooden toys are carefully designed to be educational, safe and environmentally friendly (FSC® certification – wood from properly managed forests).

FSC Certification

Our company is FSC® certified and uses renewable energy sources

Our machinery is powered by clean energy from a photovoltaic system and the company’s interiors are heated by a biomass thermal power plant, powered by virgin wood sawdust deriving from our work. We put the safety and well-being of our collaborators first. We take care of people and the environment in an authentic way.

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